Town of Davis – Important Closures due to COVID-19

Please check back regularly as we will keep this post up-to-date. Thank you and be safe!

Office Closed to Public

Our office is currently CLOSED to the public. If you are paying your water bill, please just drop it in the box. If you need to pay in cash, please place it in an envelope and drop it as well (if you have more than what was required you will receive a credit on your bill for that amount). If you have water problems or questions, please call our office number at (304) 259-5302. Please practice social distancing and remember to wash your hands.

Davis Community Center (Mountaineer Gym)

…is now closed for rentals due to COVID-19. It can only be used for emergency use.

No Camping in Town Limits

By order of Doug Martin, Mayor of the Town of Davis, there is to be NO camping in Town limits. See map here.

Town Council Meetings Cancelled

Until further notice.




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