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Discover Davis

From the local art and beer scene to out-the-backdoor recreation access and crisp high-mountain temperatures, the hip mountain hamlet of Davis is cool in more ways than one. With four distinct and unique seasons, Davis and its surrounding mountains provide a wealth of year-round opportunities for folks from all walks of life.

With a charming main street and the nearest stop light 17 miles and a world away, Davis is the ideal laid-back mountain town for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Live music, local art, Appalachian food, and craft beers abound in downtown Davis. Canaan Valley and the surrounding landscapes of the greater Tucker County region provide a lifetime of exploration. Scenic hikes, rugged mountain bike trails, pristine kayaking and rafting streams and rivers, and large tracts of public lands for camping, hunting, and fishing are the name of the game.

Come get lost in the Appalachian art and rural culture of Davis, or come “find yourself” in the surrounding backcountry. Davis combines the adrenaline of outdoor adventure with the euphoria of the arts in a unique way that can only be understood through direct experience. Visitors and locals alike use Davis as a launchpad for adventurous missions of Tucker County exploration.

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