Davis Parks & Recreation Commission, Inc.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Davis Parks & Recreation Commission Inc. is to provide, operate, maintain and improve safe and functional facilities that can be used for multiple recreational purposes for all ages of the community and its visitors. The Davis Parks & Recreation Commission, Inc. was established in 1999 but had become inactive leading to 2016 when efforts from the Town of Davis’ Mayor & Council, Town residents and remaining board members revived the organization. At this time, the Commission has a full volunteer board, and in conjunction with the Town of Davis, oversees the Davis Ball Field, the Davis Community Center, the Davis Riverfront Park and the Tucker Boulder Park.

Davis WV Parks and Recreation - Davis Riverfront Park
Davis Riverfront Park
Davis WV Parks and Recreation - Tucker Boulder Park
Tucker Boulder Park

Tax Exempt/Non-Profit Status

The Davis Parks & Recreation Commission, Inc. is a tax exempt Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization (EID# 82-4265862)

Current Projects

Currently the Davis P & R Commission, in conjunction with the Tucker Community Foundation, is actively raising funds for the final Boulder at the Tucker Boulder Park. The organization is also raising funds to finish the playground area at the Riverfront Park, securing new playground equipment at the Community Center and renovating the Davis Ball Field.

Future projects include providing the Riverfront Park with electric service & enhanced public access so events may be held in the Park. And next to the ball field/Boulder Park, we plan to install a playground area for those visiting youth who may not be old enough to play sports or climb the Boulders.

Davis WV Parks and Recreation - Davis Community Center
Davis Community Center
Davis WV Parks and Recreation - Davis Ball Field
Davis Ball Field


Lacking an allocated yearly budget, the Davis P & R Commission must rely on fundraisers such as their Run-For-It Team (Davis Riverfront Ramblers), the annual Gary Lipscomb Memorial Golf Tournament, Grants and any donations that may be given to the Commission. These limited funds represent all the money the Commission has to oversee all the parks and facilities under their care and management.


Davis Parks & Recreation Commission, Inc.
PO Box 221
Davis, WV 26260
304-259-5302 (Davis Town Hall)
email: davispandrcommission@gmail.com

Davis WV Parks and Recreation - View from Davis Riverfront Park
View from Davis Riverfront Park

Rules & Regulations

For rentals, reservations and inquiries please email davispandrcommission@gmail.com.

  • No ATVs or UTVs in the parks
  • Please use provided trash cans for litter
  • No alcohol consumption
  • No tobacco products or e-cigarettes
  • No glass containers
  • All Davis parks close at dark
  • No loitering in parking areas after dark
  • In case of emergency, call 911!
  • Please do not feed the geese!

Thank you!

  • Note: Destruction or damage to park property or equipment will result in prosecution. 
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