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Council Meeting Minutes: August 26, 2020


Meeting: Regular Council Meeting

Date: August 26, 2020

Place: Davis Town Hall

Mayor Martin called the meeting to order at 6:30

Roll Call; Mayor Martin, Council; Ted Helmick, Lisa Cousin, John Felton, Al Tomson, Cindy Robeson and Recorder Snyder.

Absent: None

Pledge of Allegiance

Guests; Jeanette Tekavec Ware, Angie Lipscomb, Arlene Karesh, Heather Clower, Ray Ball & Louise Ball

Minutes from August 12, 2020 Council Meeting: Councilman Tomson made a Motion to approve, Councilman Felton Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Dispense from Regular Order of Business, Councilman Tomson Moved, Councilwoman Robeson Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Guests: Angie Lipscomb asked if the Council has seen the survey she produced about Recycling and if there were any questions. Mayor Martin said “Town Office Employee Tina Wood will send a notice with the September water bills.”

Arlene Karesh a resident on Kent Avenue came to council for clarification about recent complaints about her yard and Native Wildflower Garden. There’s been an issue as to what is lawn and what are flowers. Various wildflowers bloom from spring through the fall season. Councilwoman Robeson suggested some type of designation to separate the lawn from the garden is necessary. Council agreed to go to the property to look at the garden and make a decision at the September 9th meeting.

Jeanette Ware said that vehicles continue to run stop signs throughout Town of Davis. Recorder Snyder said ATV’s speed throughout Town as well.

Return to Regular Business, Councilman Felton moved to Return to Regular Order of Business, Councilwoman Cousin Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Finance: Mayor Martin presented accounts payable for review. See attached.

An Engagement Letter from the Rodeheaver Group was presented to Council.

Mayor Martin presented the IJDC and CDBG Requisitions (#2 and #11) for approval-Council approved at the last meeting but two additional bills arrived after that meeting totaling $12,471.50.” Councilman Tomson made the Motion, and Councilman Felton Second. All in favor, Motion carried.

Streets, Alleys, Water Works: Jobs Completed from 8/9/2020 through 8/22/2020 See attached list. Councilman Helmick reported that the dilapidated house on Fairfax Avenue has been hauled away and the lot was seeded and mulched.

Personnel: Town Employee Vacation Request: Todd Snyder 12/14 – 12/18 and 12/21 – 12/25, Councilwoman Cousin moved to approve, Councilwoman Robeson Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Ordinance/Resolution: None

Cemetery: None

Parks and Recreation: Town Parks & Facilities remain closed due to Covid-19.

Old Business: The entrance to Alcohol Alley has been cleared.

Councilman Tomson announced that he has scheduled a conference call for August 27th in Council Chambers with the DEP to discuss the Towns effluent daily limit.

New Business: None

Correspondence: National Bank of Davis Building is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Mayor Martin asked for a Motion to Pay the Bills, Councilman Tomson Moved, Councilman Felton Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 7:09pm made by Councilwoman Robeson, Councilwoman Cousin Second, all in favor, Motion carried.


Date of approval____________________                    

As read       ____________________

As corrected   ____________________    



                                            Douglas Martin, Mayor



                                            Andy Snyder, Recorder                                                                                                     

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