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Council Meeting Minutes : August 28, 2019



Meeting:  Regular Council Meeting

Date:        August 28, 2019Place:       Davis Town Hall


ROLL CALL: Mayor Doug Martin, Councilpersons; Lisa Cousin, John Felton, Terry Helmick,

Cindy Robeson and Al Tomson.

Absent: Recorder Andrew Snyder

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes from August 14, 2019; Councilman Al Tomson moved to approve the minutes, Councilwomen Lisa Cousin second, all approved, motion carried.

Agenda Guests; Brad Dumas, Jean Dumas speaking on his behalf.

Guests; Bob Quattro, Jeanette Ware, Louise Ball. Ray Ball, Judy Cronauer, Tina Lipscomb, Jeanne Dumas, Karen Peterson and Bill Peterson and Tom Ashton.

Motion to dispense with regular order of business hear from guests; Councilwomen Lisa Cousin moved, Al Tomson seconded, all approved, motion carried.

Jean Dumas said the bees are being moved. Mayor Martin spoke with the Town’s attorney and he said if the party was given an order to move the bees and it is not done, then they are in violation of the ordinance.

Motion to return to regular business, Councilman Tomson moved and Councilwomen seconded, all approved, motion carried.

GUESTS NOT ON AGENDA WILL BE LIMITED TO 5 MINUTES; Motion made by Councilman Al Tomson, seconded by John Felton, all approved, motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Finance: Mayor Martin presented Accounts Payable for review. Councilwomen Robeson moved, Councilman Tomson seconded, all approved, motion carried.

Streets, Alleys and Water Works: Jobs completed, see attached provided by Councilman Helmick. Lot 31 in Tuscan Ridge needs a new water tap. It will be installed next week.

Personnel; Vacation Requests for Robert Leary, Sherri Helmick and Joni Felton, Motion to approve by Councilwomen Cousins, seconded by Councilwomen Robeson, all approved motion carried.

Ordinance/Resolutions; Motion made by Councilwomen Robeson and seconded by Councilwomen Cousin stating the Beehive on the Dumas property are a nuisance and must be removed, all approved and motion carried.

Bill Peterson suggested that old ordinances need to be addressed as some are not usable in present form.

Cemetery; Mayor Martin will see what the cost would be to repair headstones.

Parks and Recreation; Tina Lipscomb reported that Dianne Hinkle is pushing for the third Boulder to be finished.

   Finding Ball field drainage is in progress to we can get estimates on removing sand and leveling outfield.   

   Playground by the Gym will be put on the P & R agenda for their September 7th meeting.

Old Business; Surveying is complete on the Dumas and Lipscomb properties and Tina Lipscomb said her house is on her property.

Karen Peterson had a question about the Porta Potties in the Highlander Parking Lot.

Federal government. Investigating for National Park again.


Meeting:    Regular Council Meeting

Date:         August 28, 2019

Place:       Davis Town Hall

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The new Town website is going live on Tuesday. The address is;

Councilman Tomson reported the Landfill is not closing but is close to running out of room.

Correspondence; Mayor Martin read a letter from Barbara Weaver regarding a meeting scheduled by the Tucker County Planning Commission to present an alternate route for Corridor H. Meeting scheduled at Davis Town Hall September 9 at 1:00. Suggested that Council members attend.

Motion to adjourn at 7:24 made by Councilman Tomson, seconded by Councilwoman Cousin. Approved and passed.

Date of approval__9/11/19                    

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                                                                                                    Douglas Martin, Mayor



                                                                                                    Andy Snyder, Recorder     

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