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Council Meeting Minutes : January 8, 2020


Meeting: Regular Council Meeting

Date: January 8, 2020

Place: Davis Town Hall


Mayor Martin called the meeting to order at 6:30


Roll Call: Mayor Martin, Council; Ted Helmick, Lisa Cousin, John Felton, Al Tomson, Cindy Robeson and Recorder Snyder




Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes from December 11, 2019; Mayor Martin asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Councilman Tomson moved, Councilwoman Robeson second. After correction was made, all approved, motion carried.


Mayor Martin asked for a motion to dispense with the regular order of business, Councilman Tomson moved, Councilwoman Robeson second, all approved, motion carried.

Guests; Jeanette Tekavec Ware, Louise Ball, Ray Ball, Savannah Wilkins, Karen Peterson and Bill Peterson.

Jeanette Ware said that people on 4 wheelers are doing doughnuts on snow covered intersections creating icy conditions.

Savannah Wilkins has scheduled a ‘Neighborhood Watch meeting for 6:30 February 20, 2020 at Davis Town Hall. She is finalizing details.


Mayor Martin asked for a motion to return to regular business. Councilman Felton moved, Councilman Tomson seconded. All approved, motion carried.


Committees Reports;


Finance; No report, due to Computer malfunction.


Streets, Alleys and Water Works; Councilman Helmick presented a list of work completed since last


Council meeting. The Boil Water Notice in effect till further notice.


Parks and Recreation; Regular Board meeting is 6:30 on 1/13/20 at Town Hall.


Personnel; none


Ordinance/Resolutions; none


Cemetery; none


Old Business- James Snyder, Tucker County Health Department, inspected the ongoing sewage issue on


Fairfax Avenue. He’s sending a letter to the property owner to fix the problem and will copy the Tucker County Prosecutor.


New Business- Mayor Martin said Sherri Helmick may retire in the spring and explained the Town of Davis job posting and hiring procedures.

Councilwoman Cousin proposed the town look at purchasing a new, (used), trash truck.

Mayor Martin looked at a truck that Sunrise Sanitation had and said it wasn’t a good as the one we currently operate. No further discussion ensued.


Correspondence: The WV Municipal League’s Mid-Winter Conference begins January 26, 2020. The attendance issue was tabled until the council meeting on 1/22/20. Mayor Martin will contact Judy Cronour and see if she is interested in attending to represent Davis.


Mayor Martin asked for a motion to pay the bills. Councilman Tomson moved, Councilwoman Robeson second, all approved, motion carried.


Councilman Tomson recommended that we recognize the Town employees for going above and beyond on Tuesday January 7th with repairing the major water line break along Rt. 32 across from the DVFD, snow removal and garbage pickup. Mayor Martin will see if employees are interested. Recorder Snyder suggested a recognition get together prior to the next council meeting.


Mayor Martin called for motion to adjourn, Councilman Tomson moved, Councilwoman Robeson second, all approved, motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:01 pm


Date of approval 1-22-2020

As read       ___X__

As corrected _______________


Douglas Martin, Mayor




Andy Snyder, Recorder

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