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Council Meeting Minutes : July 8, 2020


Meeting: Regular Council Meeting

Date: July 8, 2020

Place: Davis Town Hall

Mayor Martin called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

Roll Call; Mayor Martin, Council; Ted Helmick, Lisa Cousin, John Felton, Al Tomson, Cindy Robeson and Recorder Snyder.

Absent: None

Pledge of Allegiance

Guests; Rob Burns, Jeanette Tekavec Ware, Tali Schwelling, (Mon Forest), Savannah Wilkins and Heather Clower

Minutes from June 24th, 2020 Council Meeting: Councilman Tomson made a Motion to approve, Councilman Felton Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Dispense from Regular Business, Councilwoman Robeson Moved, Councilman Tomson Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Guests: Rob Burns, Executive Director of the Tucker County Cultural District Authority (TCCDA) spoke on Wayfinding Signage and possible brochure production. The TCCDA received a grant from the Benedum Foundation and has $5,000 each for Davis, Thomas and Parsons to help inform residents and visiting guests on where to go. Recorder Snyder will work with the Mon Forest Town Partnership, Davis Renaissance Group and the TCCDA to develop a plan for better signage and avoid redundancy.

Return to Regular Business, Councilman Felton Moved to return to regular order of business, Councilwoman Cousin Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Finance: Accounts payable for review.

Revenue Fund Budget presented for review and Budget Revisions were described by Mayor Martin. Councilman Tomson Moved to accept the Budget Revision and Revenue Fund Budget, Second by Councilwoman Robeson, all in favor, Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Streets, Alleys, Water Works: Jobs Completed from 6/21/2020 through 7/3/2020 See attached list.

Personnel: None

Ordinance/Resolution: Mayor Martin proposed the Grass Ordinance be revised from the height of 12” down to 8”. Failure to comply by property owners will result in the Town mowing at the rate of double the hourly wage of Town Employees.

The Tucker County Landfill rates for Residential Garbage will be increasing by $5.80 per ton. Mayor Martin proposes a $2.00 per month increase to Town residents on a revision of the Garbage Ordinance. Discussion followed.

Councilman Helmick Moved to accept the Grass Ordinance Revision, Councilwoman Robeson Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Cemetery: None

Parks and Recreation: Community Center stilled closed due to Covid-19.

Old Business: Councilman Tomson reminded the Mayor and Council of the Fireworks Ordinance and how it reads for 2021. “July 4th falls on Sunday next year and therefore fireworks are permissible July 3rd and 4th, 2021. Residential pets, the elderly and combat Veterans are of concern, as this past July 4th sounded like a war zone in Davis”, according to Councilman Tomson. The Councilman continued,” We need to do a better job posting the Ordinance and make the Business License conditional on posting the Ordinance at the fireworks tent.”

Business License: Councilman Tomson requests that new Business License applicants come before Town Council and explain their business intention.

Feasibility Study: Councilman Tomson said the Feasibility Study for the sewer issue will be monitored by the Tucker County Development Authority at the request of Region VII.

Sound System: Recorder Snyder reported that another quote for a sound system in Council
Chambers will be sought in addition to the estimate received from Petersburg Electronics.

Landfill Odor: Councilwoman Cousin reported that the foul odor from the landfill is back!!!

New Business: None

Correspondence: None

Mayor Martin asked for a Motion to Pay the Bills, Councilman Tomson Moved, Councilman Helmick Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 7:23pm made by Councilwoman Robeson, Second by Recorder Snyder, all in favor, Motion carried.


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As read       ____________________

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                                            Douglas Martin, Mayor



                                            Andy Snyder, Recorder                                                                                                     

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