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Council Meeting Minutes : June 24, 2020


Meeting: Regular Council Meeting

Date: June 24, 2020

Place: Davis Town Hall

Mayor Martin called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

Roll Call; Mayor Martin, Council; Ted Helmick, Lisa Cousin, John Felton, Al Tomson, Cindy Robeson and Recorder Snyder.

Absent: None

Pledge of allegiance

Guests; Greg Belcher-Chapman Technical Group, John Stump-Steptoe and Johnson

Minutes from June 10, 2020 Council Meeting: Councilman Tomson made a Motion to approve, Councilman Felton Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Dispense from Regular Business, Councilwoman Robeson Moved, Councilman Tomson Second all in favor, Motion carried.

Guests: Greg Belcher, Chapman Technical Group; Bids for the water projects were open on 5/28/2020, the Water Treatment Plant portion was 80 thousand dollars under bid. The Town portion was $31,000 short.

Finance: Mayor: accounts payable and fund balances for review, Revenue Fund Budget.         CDBG Pay request: Councilman Helmick Made a Motion to Pay, Councilman Felton Second, all in favor, Motion carried.                                                                 Councilman Tomson Moved to remove 912 Brew Pub from uncollectable accounts, Councilwoman Cousin Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Streets, Alleys, Water Works: Jobs Completed from 6/7/2020 through 6/20/2020 See attached list.

Personnel: None

Ordinance/Resolution: The Third and Final Reading of the Waterworks Bond Ordinance was read by Councilman Tomson. See attached. Councilman Felton made a Motion to approve the ordinance, Councilman Tomson Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Cemetery: Mayor Martin is coordinating with a contractor to repair headstones.

Parks and Recreation: Community Center stilled closed due to Covid-19.

Old Business: Councilman Tomson reminded the council of the Fireworks Ordinance which states that LEGAL Fireworks may be set off on July 4th and December 31st only. He requested that Town Office Staff print flyers and distribute to remind residents and guests.

New Business: Recorder Snyder requested permission to get prices on an Audio/Sound System for Council Chambers. Motion made by Councilman Felton and Second by Councilwoman Robeson, all in favor, Motion carried.                                                               Building Permit from Kathy Hackney for a storage shed at 429 Kent Avenue, Councilman Tomson Moved to approve Building Permit, Councilman Felton Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Correspondence: None

Mayor Martin asked for a Motion to Pay the Bills, Councilwoman Robeson Moved, Councilwoman Cousin Second, all in favor, Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn at 6:52pm made by Councilwoman Robeson, Second by Councilwoman Cousin, all in favor, Motion carried.

Date of approval____________________                    

As read       ____________________

As corrected   ____________________    



                                            Douglas Martin, Mayor



                                            Andy Snyder, Recorder                                                                                                     

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