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Council Meeting Minutes : November 13, 2019


Meeting: Regular Council Meeting

Date:   November 13, 2019

Place: Davis Town Hall

Mayor Martin called the meeting to order at 6:30


Roll: Call Mayor Martin, Council; Ted Helmick, Lisa Cousin, Al Tomson, Cindy Robeson and Recorder Snyder


ABSENT: John Felton, excused


Pledge of Allegiance


Minutes from October 23, 2019; Councilman Tomson moved to approve the minutes, Councilwoman Robeson second. All approved, motion carried.

Mayor Martin asked for a motion to dispense with the regular order of business, Councilman Tomson moved, Recorder Snyder second, all approved, motion carried.


Agenda Guest; Robin McClintock on for plans old Shop and Save building property.


Guests; Jeanette Tekavec Ware, Bob Quattro, Judy Cronauer, Louise Ball, Ray Ball Nanette Seligman,

Savannah and Tyler Wilkins.


Savannah Wilkins will schedule a Neighborhood Watch meeting and coordinate a date and time with Mayor Martin.


Mayor Martin asked for a motion to return to regular business. Councilwomen Cousins moved, Councilman Tomson seconded. All approved, motion carried.


Agenda Guest – Robin McClintock on plans for the old Shop & Save building.

     Ms. McClintock spoke on behalf of the Group; FSRM LLC, that purchased the property. The building and property will be a renovated mixed use facility to include; a USDA certified kitchen, meeting and conference space, professional office space, ADA certified elevator, a deck out back and a shared parking lot for Town and visitor use. “We’re going to be good neighbors” McClintock stated.


Committees Reports;

Finance; Mayor Martin presented the Finance Report for review.


Streets, Alleys and Water Works; Councilman Helmick presented a list of work completed recently. The leak has not been found.


Mayor Martin asked to go into executive session. Councilman Tomson moved, Councilwomen Cousin second, all approved, motions carried.


Recorder Snyder made a motion to return to regular business, Councilwomen Robeson second, all approved, motion carried. No action was taken.


Personnel – Councilman Tomson moved that the Town pay employees a Christmas bonus. Councilwoman Robeson second, all approved, motion carried.


Ordinance/Resolutions; None


Cemetery- None


Parks and Recreation- Mayor Martin said they’re repairing the roof on the community center from recent wind damage.


Old Business- None


New Business- Mayor Martin said a building permit was issued to Martin Wach for a metal roof asked for a motion to issue permit. Councilman Robeson moved, Councilman Tomson second, all approved, motion carried.


Mayor Martin called for motion to adjourn, Councilman Robeson moved, Councilman Tomson second, all approved, motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

Date of approval_________

As read       __________

As corrected   ____X______                   ____________________________________





                                                   ANDREW SNYDER, RECORDER

Notice: Water Outage Sunday Feb 25

Sunday evening, February 25th, the Town will be repairing a major water leak on Rt. 32/William Ave. The water to the Town WILL BE SHUT OFF & will not be turned back on until the leak is repaired. This project will occur Sunday night, approximately 9pm & will run through the night into Monday. Length of repair time is unknown at this time.

During the repair, traffic will be detoured around the work area, except for tractor trailers and other large vehicles. Fifth Street will be blocked off from William Avenue to Thomas Avenue.

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