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Council Meeting Minutes : October 23, 2019


DATE:   October 23, 2019



ROLL CALL: Mayor Doug Martin, Council; Ted Helmick, Lisa Cousin, John Felton, Al Tomson, Cindy Robeson and Recorder Andrew Snyder.

 ABSENT – None

 Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes from October 9, 2019; Mayor Martin said the minutes from October 9, 2019 need to be adjusted under Cemetery. Minutes changed from “have been repaired to will be repaired.”

Councilman Tomson moved to approve the minutes with the change, Councilwoman Robeson second. All approved, Motion carried.

 Mayor Martin asked for a motion to dispense with the regular order of business, Councilman Felton moved, Councilman Tomson second, all approved, motion carried.

Guests; Jeanette Tekavec Ware, Bob Quattro, Judy Cronauer, Bill & Karen Peterson, Louise Ball, Ray Ball and Susan Moore .

 Agenda Guests; None

 Guests; Jeanette Ware mentioned that trees could be trimmed at the corner of Henry avenue and 7th Street.

Judy Cronauer asked council if it’s ok for her to set up a meeting with Region VII and the West Virginia Municipal League concerning wastewater treatment capacity. Councilman Tomson says the town needs to get involved in a discussion on this matter. Mayor Martin said the wastewater pond is at maximum capacity.

Mayor Martin asked to return to regular business. Councilwoman Cousin moved, Councilwoman Robeson second, all approved, motion carried.

Councilman Tomson moved that Judy Cronauer set up the meeting with Region VII, Councilman Felton second, all approve, motion carried.

Committees Reports;

Finance; Mayor Martin presented the Finance Report for review.

Streets, Alleys and Water Works; Councilman Helmick presented a list of work completed recently.

Personnel- None

 Ordinance/Resolutions; None

 Cemetery- None

 Parks and Recreation- Mayor Martin said they’re hoping to get the ball field graded before winter

 Old Business- Councilman Tomson will address Landfill under New Business.

 New Business- Mayor Martin announced that Christian Heritage Week is November 24, 2019-November 30, 2019. Recorder Snyder moved the Town of Davis observe this event, Councilman Felton second, all approved, motion carried. Building Permits; New Home by Shawn Bonner at the corner of 2nd avenue and Kent Street. Shed on Henry Avenue by Steven Bernard. New Home at 260 Blackwater Avenue by Donna Jensen. Councilman Tomson moved to approve, Councilwoman Robeson second, all approved, motion carried.





DATE:   October 23, 2019




Councilman Tomson clarified the Tucker County Solid Waste Authority rumors. The TCSWA requested the State come in and take over operation due some issues. The Landfill is not closing. The Executive Director was charged with inappropriate activities and resigned. They’ve been taking wastewater to Moorefield instead of Thomas. Too much ammonia in wastewater. The State has applied for a rate increase. 2007 was the last rate increase. The Landfill Free Day will be more closely monitored. Also will be redoing the Chicken Feather work at the Landfill, there may be an odor a few hours at a time.

Pay Bills, Councilman Tomson moved to pay the bills, Councilman Felton second. All approved, motion carried.

Mayor Martin called for motion to adjourn, Councilman Robeson moved, Councilwoman Cousin second, all approved, motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:04pm


Date of approval 11/13/19

As read       ____________________

As corrected   X   


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